Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled some of the most commonly asked questions related to MUE, MUO, GME, NME, NLE, and SRMA.

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Please understand we are not veterinarians and we cannot offer medical advice.

If you dog or cat is having a medical emergency, please take them to your veterinarian.


Your dog's immune system is not healthy and should never be vaccinated again.

Many veterinarians beileve vaccines can be a trigger for MUE and many of the dog parents on the Facebook GME page note their dog was diagnosed with GME shortly after receiving a vaccine.

Vaccines are for healthy dogs. As a MUE survivor, your dog is in remission. Their immune system is not healthy and could relapse. They should have a medical exemption and never be vaccinated again.

If you are concerned due to the high prevelance of disease in your area, you can have titer testing done to evaluate your dog's level of immunity but even if there low immunity, you will need to seriously evaluate if it is absolutely necessary as it may be a trigger for relapse.