Recommendations for Supporting Your GME Warrior

If we've learned anything from being Piper's GME Warrior Moms,
we've learned that EVERYTHING, no matter how small, matters:

Food, supplements, exercise, mental stimulation, shampoo, bed type, and more all play a role.

Here some of our best recommendations for long term support based upon our experience.


Food During GME Treatment

GME really put the spotlight on the food we fed Piper and her siblings (like Bailey, Piper's sister pictured on the left).

Prior to being diganosed with GME, we had made changes to Piper's diet and removed kibble but her food was still approximately 35% - 40% carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates convert to sugar which increases inflammation in the body.

As soon as Piper completed chemotherapy, we switched her to a raw food diet with pork roast to take her pills and some extra veggies.

A nutrient balanced raw food diet is approximately 4.5% carbohydrates. This carbohydrate ratio is significantly better for your GME dog than a diet high in carbhydrates. 

We are strong believers in the raw food diet and the removal of carbohydrates to reduce inflammation in the body.

Supplements for Liver Support

PIper's liver enzyme ALT was very high while on prednisone and after. 

After treatment in 2017, Piper's ALT was above 800.

We started her on Denemarian and it went down to 416 where it stayed for years. 

In 2021, with her ALT still at 416, we tried Chinese herbs which triggered seizures and stopped those immediately. 

At the beginning of 2022, we started Adored Beast Liver Tonic with the Denamarian and her ALT went down to 232! In October of 2022 it was down to 176!  The lowest it had been since starting GME treatment!

We had Piper's ALT monitoried throughout and kept her on both Liver Tonic and Denamarian to maintain lower ALT levels.

Supplements for Brain & Immune Support

Essential Oil Support
Years before Piper was diagnosed with GME, we had met and took an essential oil course from Dr. Melissa Shelton, DVM, integrative and holistic veterinarian.

When Piper was diagnosed with GME, we started daily diffusions of animalEO NeuroBalance and weekly topical applications of animalEO NeuroBoost

We also used animalEO Calm-A-Mile on chemotherapy infusion days to help with both the communte (1 hour there and 1 hour home) and the chaos of the veterinary hospital. 

Mushroom Support
We wish we knew about the power of mushrooms when Piper was diagnosed!

When Piper turned 14 we started her on Real Mushrooms 5 Defenders by sprinkling some on her food. Angela had been taking this herself and had zero side effects from it.

When Piper started exhibiting dementia, we added in Real Mushrooms Real Clarity and Real Mushrooms Lion's Mane (rotating between the 2).

Real Clarity came in a capsule. Given Piper's size, we opened the capsule and sprinkled a little on her food or used a small baby spoon to get the Lion's Mane sprinkled on her food. There are dog chewables of the Lion's Mane now which didn't exist when we were using it.

We noticed a difference in Piper's dementia after adding in mushrooms. She was less anxious at night.

Games and Mental Stimulation

We are strong believers in mental stimlation and games. After Piper started to feel better, we were able to re-incorporate games back into her daily routine. 

While after GME Piper was less patient with games than she was before GME, she still loved them! 

If your dog doesn't enjoy games, you can still give them mental stimulation by taking them on walks, car rides, visits to the hardware store, or plant nursery. Having new experiences is great mental stimulation. 

During treatment, Piper didn't have the stamina to go for walks so we got her a stroller. She LOVED going on walks in her stroller! 

Safe & Non-Toxic Shampoo

When Piper's older brother, Henry Clay was diagnosed with cancer attributed to environmental toxins, we knew we had to make changes in the lives of our dogs.

When we learned that dog shampoo is not regulated it really opened our eyes to a market full of ingredients that claimed to be all natural and organic but are synthetic.

There are no rules about what manufacturers can say about their shampoo and no marketing standards.

Dog shampoo that is full of synthetic ingredients with links to allergies, endorcrine disruption, and cancer is commonplace. 

So, in 2015, 4-Legger revolutionized the grooming industry by making organic dog shampoo that is certified to organic food standards.

We are strong believers in synthetic ingredients causing inflamation in the body and as dog moms, it is our job to get rid of as much synthetics from our pet's lives. This is especially true for GME dogs.

Switching to 4-Legger to give your dog a healthy bath!

Joint Support

We hope your GME warrior makes it to the age where joint pain and arthritis are a concern. 

When Piper starting having some pain in her hips and back, we consulted with her neurologist and then started accupuncture with her local veterinarian. She started out going once a week and as it got better, we spread out the sessions to where she would go once very few months.

We also tried some highly recommended herbal extracts which triggered a seizure (so we stopped those immediately) and CBD tincture which gave her diarrhea even at the lowest dosage.

We ended up going with her neurologist's recommendation of using LybriSyn which worked great! We used a syringe and filled it to 0.5 cc and Piper licked it off the end of the syringe every night!

You will need to see what works the best for your GME warrior. It may be accupuncture, CBD, herbal extracts, or something else. Don't give up until you find the remedy that helps them! 

We also know that daily short walks really helped Piper to stay more mobile.


You may not think about your dog's bed having anything to do with GME. Well, it does.

We noticed early on that Piper would no longer lay upside down in her bed after begin diagnosed with GME and it wasn't until she had been in remission for 5+ years that she was able to do that without severe disorientation. 

We also noticed that she preferred to have her head elevated while sleeping. We got Piper beds that supported how she preferred to lay or provided her with blankets so she could build her nest the way she wanted it.

Filtered Water & Non-Toxic Bowl

It may sound nutty... but giving your dog filtered water is better than plain tap water and be sure to use a non-toxic bowl. 

Stuies have found that many bowls made overseas have toxic lead in the glaze which can leach out into the water.