Prognosis & Longevity

While any form of encephalitis can be rapidly life threatening, the prognosis is often good if identified early and treated aggressively.

PiperDiagnosed & Completed Treatment in 2017
2008 - 2023

Faith ~ Love ~ Hope

MUE is a very serious condition that can rapidly deteriorate.

Early diagnosis and treatment are absolutely crucial in managing the disease and improving the long term outcome.

The prognosis for MUE can vary depending on several factors, including the type, the severity of the disease when diagnosed, the response to treatment, and overall health.

It is important to understand there is no "cure" for MUE.

MUE is a chronic and progressive condition. Achieving long-term remission can be challenging. 

In general, there are 3 typical outcomes: 

  • Will respond to treatment and go into long term remission of a few years (less common)
  • Will respond to treatment and experience short-term remission where their clinical signs improve for a few weeks or months and then relapse (most common)
  • Will not respond to treatment (approximately 10%)

In Piper's case, she was in remission for 6 amazing years.

While treatment can be very hard on the body from long term steriod use, don't be afraid of the treatment, even when chemotherapy is suggested by the neurologist. The amount of chemotherapy is not at the same level as what is used during cancer treatment and it has the highest success rate for treatment.

It is essential to work closely with a veterinarian who is experienced in managing MUE to monitor the disease progression, adjust treatment protocols as needed, and provide appropriate supportive care.

Regular follow-up examinations, imaging studies, and laboratory monitoring, continuing medication, and suppliements are typically necessary to manage MUE effectively and optimize the chances of achieving remission and maintaining quality of life.

We chose to change Piper to a raw food diet after she completed chemotherapy and remove synthetic products from her environment to minimize her expoure to anything that would cause inflammation. We also provided supplements and other therapies that we strongly feel contributed to her long term remission. Learn more about supporting your MUE / GME warrior here.